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A Letter from the President, Kim Harrell:

To Members of CCCPE

October 15, 2014

November 5 Meeting: As we firm up details for our upcoming meeting, I look forward to seeing you all November 5 from 3:30 - 5:30 PM at the Double Tree Hilton in Sacramento. The draft agenda has been posted under the meetings tab at the bottom of this website. The minutes referenced, which we will approve, are also posted under the same tab. We have a packed agenda for you! I will be sharing the latest labor market data on kinesiology-related careers for your students. Our new president-elect, Debbie Jensen, will give a special presentation on the PEDAL Program: Leading the Way for Future Advancement of Physical Education and Increasing Student Success.  Our guest speaker, Professor Rizzo, Department Chair of CSU San Bernardino, former president of CAPHERD, Board member of the American Kinesiology Association, and editor of Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, will provide a special presentation on future directions in kinesiology. We look forward to working with all of you to chart the future course of our discipline!

Curriculum Training with the Chancellor's Office: If you read my August update, you heard about the vast number of new courses being sent to the Chancellor's Office under the Kinesiology TOP Code. In an effort to assist colleges in appropriately coding their courses, the Chancellor's Office has asked me to sit on a panel with the faculty consultant, Karen Kunimura, and Vice Chancellors Pam Walker and Cris McCullough  to provide a training session at the CCCAA meeting on Thursday morning. Consider having your curriculum chairs join you!

Membership Drive: Please remember to renew your CCCPE membership! Applications to renew were due October 1. We will put together the new email distribution list this month and begin using it after our conference meeting. We are asking applicants to provide one point of contact for institutional memberships, rather than listing email information for all members of the institution, due to in inordinate number of error messages we receive from full in-boxes or members who no longer work for the college.  You can find the information for renewing your membership under the membership tab of this website. Institutional memberships are definitely the most economical and help keep your entire college department informed.

Presto Website Coming Soon! Our consultant is nearing completion of the new website setup. We are working with Presto to liven up our website to continue to keep you abreast of any developments that affect our area.

We want you!: We are still looking for a treasurer so that Liz can step down. Please contact us if you are interested.

Professional Development Opportunities: 

The American Council on Exercise is also offering a variety of workshops in major cities throughout California.  For more information visit:

If mind-body fitness is as popular at your college as it is at ours, consider sending faculty to one of the many amazing trainings offered by Yogafit!

Looking forward to seeing you in November!


"A sound body is a sound mind!"

CCCPE Officers

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