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A Letter from the President, Kim Harrell:

To Members of CCCPE

August 24, 2014

New President-Elect: Please join me in welcoming our newly appointed President-Elect Debbie Jensen to the Executive Team!  As per our bylaws, Debbie will complete the remaining year of Brian's term and then move into the role of President in October 2015. If you recall, Debbie was a recipient of the CCCPE Physical Educator of the Year at the Honoring our Own luncheon last spring. Debbie comes to us from Cerritos College and brings a wealth of new ideas to the team from a faculty perspective. She will be presenting an innovative new program at the Fall meeting in Sacramento so don't miss it! Welcome Debbie! 

Recent Update from the Chancellor's Office: Both Carlyle and I have been made aware of some concerning developments expressed by the Chancellor's Office. There have been thousands of new courses forwarded to the Chancellor's Office for approval in our discipline.  Unfortunately, there is a trend of inappropriate use of the Kinesiology TOP code for athletics courses. It is important to remember that the change to Title 5 regulations to add 175 hours of apportionment for off-season conditioning courses was a vote of confidence in our ability to self-police. If you do not understand the proper usage of the TOP code, please contact one of us for some assistance. It would be devastating to have this funding provision removed and the ability to repeat off-season conditioning courses taken away.

Membership Drive: Please remember to renew your CCCPE membership! Our fiscal year now runs from October 1 through September 30th so you have additional time to process membership paperwork. You can find the information for renewing your membership under the membership tab of this website. Remember, we do offer college-wide memberships!

We want you!: We are still looking for a treasurer to so that Liz can step down. Please contact us if you are interested.

Presto Website Coming Soon! You will soon see a change to our website! We are working with Presto to liven up our website to continue to keep you abreast of any developments that affect our area. 

Professional Development Opportunities: 

The American Council on Exercise is also offering a variety of workshops in major cities throughout California.  For more information visit:

If mind-body fitness is as popular at your college as it is at ours, consider sending faculty to one of the many amazing trainings offered by Yogafit!

Looking forward to seeing you in October!


"A sound body is a sound mind!"

CCCPE Officers

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